wingback headboard

The wingback headboard is one of the most elegantly designed and intuitively comfortable headboards on the market. The signature wingback style extensions on either side of the bed have a distinct cradling effect that surrounds your bed in comfort. If physical comfort is high on your list then a padded upholstered wingback headboard may be just what you need. Wingback headboards are available in a wide range of styles and finishes from upholstered fabrics to leather; hand carved wood and woven natural fibers such as seagrass. In most cases you will also find a complete range of sizes for the wingback headboard, king is the most common dimension but smaller sizes are also available from many retailers.

Design Considerations for Wingback Style Headboards

These headboards usually feature deep padded wings on each side for loads of style and comfort. Thick foam padding is upholstered around the entire board making it solid and durable. Choosing a wingback headboard for your bed will surely add a unique look and air of elegance to your bedroom.

The wings of this type of headboard vary in size and form; you will have a great time sifting through the myriad of available styles to find a headboard you truly love. While the wingback style is perhaps your basis in choosing this type of headboard, it is up to your preference and budget to select the most suitable. Ensure that you get the highest quality headboard to avoid wasting your money. Narrowing your selection through the wide selections of styles for the wingback can help you get the best headboard for your bed.

Functional Features of Wingback Headboards

There are certain situations that a bed can be very useful well beyond sleeping. You will truly realize the importance of a headboard when you’re feeling under the weather or decide to have breakfast in bed. They’re also the best accessory when cuddling up to a good book. These are the hidden functions most headboards aspire to and an area where the wingback headboard really shines. The flared wings add a whole new dimension of support and allow you to sit upright in your bed in a variety of comfortable positions.

Making your bedroom look more appealing is a cinch once you set up your wingback bedroom set. These commanding headboards instantly grab your attention and will easily become the stylish centerpiece of your room. The entire bedroom, whether small or spacious, can become the most attractive room in your house because of these headboards. Finding a good wingback headboard is an excellent way to improve the whole appearance of your bedroom.