wall mounted headboards

When it comes to bedroom design you will find that the headboard is a very integral piece. While the standard free standing headboard may be your first thought, you owe it to yourself to consider using wall mounted headboards. As a design accessory wall mounted headboards offer untold advantages over traditional headboards, they are also usually more affordable and in some cases offer greater function. The basic premise of these types of headboards is to reinforce the bed with the strength of the adjacent wall. Because the headboard is attached to the wall rather than spaced from and free standing it saves considerable room and material costs.

Wall Mounted Headboards Available In All Styles

Wall mounted headboards are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and design motifs. Though you won’t find the same array of materials that are used on standard headboards for beds, you will find most popular styles of headboards available in a wall mounted variation. From seagrass headboards to wooden, leather headboards or rattan, you will surely find one of the many wall mounted headboard panels available that suites your taste. The only notable styles that may be difficult to find as a wall mounted headboard are the typical wrought iron fashion headboards. Because iron headboards carry considerable weight, it is not usually effective to create such a heavy wall mounted head board. Other than that just make sure you shop around, and if you have a vision for a particular style of headboard to accent your bedroom’s decor, chances are you will find it in a wall mounted variety.

Use a Checklist While Shopping for Wall Mounted Headboards

When you go out to purchase a wall mounted unit for your bedroom there are a few thing you will need to look out for. Wall mounted headboards have received some bad press from shady manufacturers looking to earn a quick dollar but rest assured that you can find high quality, durable, and affordable wall mounted headboards if you know where to shop. Traditional retailers, such as Ikea and Pier 1, are an excellent source of stylish and high quality bed headboards; the wall mounted varieties are no exception. If you are not going with a trusted retailer the best indication of good build quality in a wall mounted headboard is its weight and fastening materials. Though you don’t want a headboard that will possibly rip out of your wall with a passionate push, durable long lasting materials such as solid wood do carry some weight and this should be reflected in your headboard. The second things to look for in high quality wall mounted headboards are the fasteners. Definitely stay away from headboards that are held together with glues and adhesives, look for headboards that are fastened securely with medium to large screws and metal brackets. Wall mounted headboards are key design elements of your bedroom and if you shop smart you are sure to find one that delights your eyes while serving its purpose for years to come. The Headboard Boutique is dedicated to providing thorough and comprehensive information about the latest and greatest design tips associated with wall mounted headboards.