wall decal headboard

A wall decal headboard is the perfect solution when you want to add a lot of style to your bedroom without breaking the bank. In fact, a decal sticker headboard can have the same visual effect of a traditional headboard for about a tenth of the price, or even less. Designer vinyl wall decals that can be used as a “headboard” come in a variety of styles. If you can think of a traditional headboard style, then there is a wall decal headboard to replicate it. When it comes to interior decorating options for your bedroom, decal headboards are really the way to go. With a headboard decal you can get the look for a fraction of the price.

Some Obvious Benefits of a Wall Decal Headboard

The great thing about decal headboards for your wall is not only are they available in classic headboard appearance, such as a wood headboard or Victorian headboard style wall decal sticker, they also come in a wide range of crazy and imaginative patterns that you will simply never find in an actual headboard. Wall decal stickers are also great to try experimental looks before you invest the money in buying, or the time in creating, and actual headboard. With a headboard sticker you can try different colors and design motifs for a few days to see how they feel before you commit to buying a headboard.

For kids and teenagers wall decal headboards are even better. While most parents will never buy a $1,000 plush velvet button tufted headboard for their child’s twin sized bed, you can let your kids go wild and design their own bedroom decor theme with an easy to remove wall decal headboard. Many of today’s most popular and lovable children’s bedroom themes such as baseball, flowers, etc. are available as wall decal headboards from a variety of vendors at affordable prices.

Learn To Design Your Own Wall Decal Headboard

A sticker or vinyl wall decal headboard is also great if you want to make your own headboard, while there are many DIY headboard plans available, none are as fast and easy to create as a decal headboard. Simply design or find images of your desired wall decal headboard motif on your computer, take them to your local print shop (or print them yourself) and you will have wonderful custom headboard that matches your bedroom’s design theme perfectly.

Don’t forget that if you purchase or design a wall decal headboard and later decide that it’s not as great as you once envisioned you can always take it off and start over because your out of pocket expense is going to be extremely low. One of the most overlooked ideas surrounding a wall decal headboard is that it can bring your family together by everyone working on the project together. Everyone says we should have more family time and what a better way to spend time together than designing your very own wall decal headboard for use in each family member’s bedroom. A good idea is to let each family member decide on their own preferred theme and just ‘go with it’ and help them accentuate their own comfort zone with their specialized wall decal headboard.