Upholstered Headboards For Beds

When searching for the perfect headboard you will find that upholstered headboards for beds offer just the right mixture of style and comfort. These headboards are known for their flexibility and variety and are available in a wide assortment of fabrics which creates an endless possibility for different textures, colors, and styles. If you are shopping for upholstered headboards for beds there are few key points that you will want to keep in mind to insure that your bedroom receives the headboard of your dreams.

Fabric Choices of Upholstered Headboards For Beds

Upholstered headboards for beds are most often sought after because you can often find a fabric that matches exactly with your bedroom decor. From chenille to plaid, animal prints, suede, floral designs and more, almost any fabric you design can be used for headboard upholstery. Also, if you can’t find the perfect fabric you can always customize your upholstered headboard with the same fabric have in the rest of your bedroom’s accessories. If you plan on customizing the headboard after you purchase it then it is a good idea to find an upholstered headboard that has the fabrics fixed to the headboard with staples or nails rather than adhesive glues. Staples and nails can be easily removed when you want to replace your headboards upholstery and will leave a clean factory finish if applied with care.

The next thing you will need to consider is the size of your bed which will in turn affect he size of the headboard you require. Upholstered headboards for beds are available in every size; twin, full, queen, and king but you will want to keep practical application in mind because different manufacturers use different overage allowances for the edges of your bed. With this in mind, when you are looking to purchase new upholstered headboards for your bed you will want to take measurements of both your mattress/box-spring and the headboard you have in mind. Depending on the style of upholstered headboard you may want a flush even foot or a few inches on either side.

Shopping Tips on Upholstered Headboards For Beds

The final and one of the most vital points to consider is the padding material used beneath the fabric of the headboard. Upholstered headboards for beds are often padded with synthetic fibers as well as natural cotton fillers. Though the actual materiel used to pad the headboard is not of great concern, the way in which the material is packed and the resulting “feel” of the headboard is. Often bed headboards that have very firm padding when new won’t budge much when pressed don’t stand the test of time. If you can not leave an indentation on your headboard padding without pressing very hard, this is a good indication that the padding of this upholstered heard board will go flat over time. However, padding of upholstered headboards for beds that make a quick and light indentation when pressed, but then bounce back after a few moments, will often offer support for years to come.