Tufted Headboard

When talking about glamor and comfort for your bedroom, the tufted headboard will be the perfect thing for you to consider. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer this headboard also is not that complicated to make.

Tufted Headboard Design Steps

Listed below are easy steps to making your own tufted headboard:

1. Measuring and cutting wood
When measuring the width of your bed frames, add an allowance of at least 2 inches. You also need to measure the height of your bed (start from the floor). After measuring, cut the wood using the measurements you have.

2. Cutting Foam
Place the foam on the surface and then place the plywood on top. Trace the shape of the wood into the foam and then cut it using a pair of scissors. There’s no need for you to perfectly cut the foam because you can still smooth the edges as you go along.

3. Drilling small holes
The next step is to measure and put a mark on the area where you prefer to apply your button-tufting. It’s best if you consider a square grid pattern. You can now drill small holes on the marks you have placed.

4. Mounting

After drilling the holes, spray the other side of the wood with adhesive spray then mount the foam on top of the plywood.

5. Placing the Batting
When you cut the batting, you need to ensure that there is enough batting for all sides. This is important for ease in wrapping. Use adhesive spray when spraying the foam and slowly place the batting on top. Carefully run and press the foam into the wood using your bare hands and make sure that it is perfectly glued up. Flip it and lay it again on the ground. Slowly pull the batting and the staple on its back. Do the same step for the other side.

Finishing Touches to a Gorgeous Tufted Headboard

6. Cover the Headboard
If you prefer to use fabric for the cover of your headboard, it is advisable to iron it first. Place the fabric on top of batted wood and then stretch it tightly. After that, you need to make sure that you staple it carefully and evenly with the fabric. Trim the excess fabric and batting.

7. Placing the buttons
Wrap the buttons using any kind of fabric you prefer. You also need to double thread the needle and thrust it through the hole that is pre-drilled on the headboard. Let a small end of thread hang through the back. Tie the thread to the finish nail and then tightly pull the thread. Repeat the process for all other buttons.

8. Securing the headboard
Since a tufted headboard is a wall mounted headboard, make sure that it is securely placed.

A tufted headboard can make your bedroom look warm and cozy. It can add a vibrant feel no matter what kind of theme you have for your room. With these steps, you are on your way to making your own tufted headboard.