seagrass headboard

The seagrass headboard is one headboard that is gaining serious popularity amongst interior designers. Seagrass headboards have a soft, natural look that is great for country, modern, and tropical decor. Regardless of your interior design theme you’ll find that this woven organic texture makes you feel right at home. With the vast assortment of bed headboards on the market today, from wood headboards to brass headboards, metal headboards and plastic headboards one wonders why a material such as seagrass remains so popular.

The answer is really quite simple, nothing beats the natural aesthetic appeal of  a seagrass headboard. The base material of a seagrass style headboard is of course seagrass which can refer to a number long leaved underwater flowing plants, not to be confused with seaweed, the grow in large groups of underwater meadows. While wicker was once the default selection for woven furniture, the warm tone of seagrass has made a continual rise in the interior design scene.

Seagrass Headboard Manufacturing & Design Overview

Headboards made of seagrass are traditionally hand woven over a solid wood frame. The hand weaving process provides exceptional quality and is a rare find in today’s market full of mass produced headboards. The traditional weave pattern for seagrass headboards is the Bali style weave which creates a tight knit, intricate overlapping pattern. Once woven the raw seagrass material is stained or varnished to seal the material for added durability. Often these stains are made from natural sealants such as honey.

The combination of natural stains and underling material is one of the most attractive aspects of a seagrass headboard. Since seagrass is completely organic it comes in a wide range of natural hues that vary with each headboard making every piece unique. This lovely natural finished is only found in headboards made of seagrass and other natural fibers such as abaca, you will never find two that have the exact same color and pattern. This natural finish truly lends personality to your decor theme and adds an air of authenticity. They absolutely wonderful for tropical design schemes and give out a warm earthy feeling to any room.

Seagrass Headboard Pricing & Shopping Tips

Seagrass HeadboardsSince seagrass headboards are usually hand woven, thus expensive to mass produce, they are not easily found in most furniture stores and retail outlets. You will find a good selection on the net from retailers such as the Pottery Barn and Pier 1. While shopping online beware of shady outfits that sell cheap imitations of a true seagrass headboard. These ultra low quality variants of the original are usually multi-piece wall hangings that do not have there own supportive wood frame.

Just about the only problem with finding a good quality seagrass headboard is that if its the real deal it can be quite expensive. The typical price of a seagrass headboard can range from $350 to $500. Nonetheless, these pieces are definitely worth it and if you shop around you can find many of them on sale from various retailers online as well as brick and mortar retailers.

Though we have found some online retailers with these headboards that are priced under $150 – beware. Many of these “discount” seagrass and abaca headboards often come as cheap, flimsy multi-piece kits that can’t hold a candle to a well crafted single piece seagrass style headboard.

Also, for the environmentally conscious, buying a headboard made of seagrass does mean depleting some of our natural resources. It really is a double edged blade because while we do benefit from using 100% natural renewable fibers the fibers have to be taken form an otherwise thriving and undisturbed ecosystem. Buying this kind of headboard could mean you are condoning to the misuse and abuse of our natural resources. Each seagrass headboard you buy would mean a reduction to the Earth’s supply, though we have yet to find a manufacturer that offers “farm raised” seagrass this would be a solution to the problem.

Seagrass Headboard Sizes & Features

They also come in different sizes such as a twin size (40” wide), full size (55” wide), queen size (62” wide), king size (78” wide) and the so called California king (75” wide). Like all other noteworthy headboards for beds, the seagrass headboard also has its own list of great features. Here are some of them:

1.    These headboards are delicate and they have a natural tone distinction. This characteristic is unique to every headboard made from plant fibers.

2.    They are durable and sturdy because they are created by no less than one of the trusted names in furniture building in the world.

3.    Bed frames that are wrapped with seagrass can prevent moisture and they can last longer when double coated with lacquer sealant.

4.    There are various styles and colors to choose from. Examples are mahogany and honey colored headboards.

Buying a seagrass headboard for your bedroom is definitely worth it. They not only add appeal to any kind of bedroom, they are also known to last for a long time. If your looking for a stylish, natural, and environmentally sound way to spice up your bedroom you simply can’t go wrong with a natural woven seagrass style headboard.