Pine Headboard

The pine headboard is one of the most elegant wooden headboards, its crisp natural finish goes great with both traditional and modern design schemes. The demand for pine wood headboards is increasing due to the wide variety of creative new styles being offered by today’s top designers and retailers. In fact, you can easily find one that suits your needs and personal style. Pine furniture looks great and you can easily combine a pine headboard with other pine furniture. These headboards also serve as additional décor for any kind of bedroom.

An Overview of Pine Headboards

Aside from the designs and styles, they are also featured in various shapes and forms. Some of them may be simple and plain but they are proven to be very functional. Since a pine headboard is smooth and fine, artisans find it easy to make different designs and patterns that can make your headboard look even better.

On the other hand, headboards made of pine require total drying. This is to avoid any tendency of becoming distorted and torn. You have to remember that pine wood can be prone to distortion when exposed to harsh temperature changes.

Pine headboard pieces are also prone to scratches because they are soft unlike other types of wood. Due to this, they need to be coated with wax or varnish. Varnish can protect your bed furniture from deformity and scratches. It will also protect the fragile surface of the headboard.

Pine Headboard Sizes & Availability

Headboards made up of pine also come in different sizes. The sizes range from super king, king, queen and other sizes suitable for bunk beds. This makes it easy for you to find the size that can perfectly match your bed.

Pine wood headboard pieces are widely available in any local furniture store. You can also find them online. You can find exclusive collections being displayed and it is not unlikely for you find one that can fit your room. One site you can visit if you have plans on buying this type of headboard is Ethan Allen’s.

Pine Headboard Prices

When it comes to the price, pine headboard options are reasonably priced. You can get them from $300 and above depending on the style and the design you choose. You will not regret buying one because the money you will invest is definitely worth it. You will surely enjoy the comfort and style it has to offer.

When choosing pine headboard pieces for your room, always consider the style and the design. You have to make sure that it fits your bed well and it can match the other décor in your room.