Homemade Headboard Ideas

From homemade headboard ideas to headboard ideas for selecting a designer piece, you need the right inspiration before you can proceed with decorating the bedroom of your dreams. Creating a homemade headboard will insure that you get a piece that matches your bedroom’s décor exactly so we have compiled the very best homemade headboard ideas to get you started. Decorating your bedroom can be very easy but it may also depend on your budget and making your own headboard can save you lots of money. In addition to the added savings, you can always refresh the look of your bedroom by creating an original headboard. Following these tips homemade headboards for queen beds, king beds, full-size beds, and twin can be easily created to help you customize your bed.

Headboard Ideas To Brighten And Accentuate Your Bedroom

The first choice of creating a personalized headboard is a padded headboard. This style is very easy to make. You will need a piece of plywood and to cut it into rectangle shapes which can fit the size of your bed. You must use quilt batting to create a padded look. This material can be purchased from any local crafts store. This is actually the foam material used for padding. You can use any kind of fabrics as headboard covers. Using a padded headboard can make your bed softer. It can also provide warmth and it can give you enough comfort.

Faux fur headboards are another perfect style of headboard you can consider. This is probably an elegant style of headboard that can accentuate not only your bed but also your entire room. You can buy faux fur fabric from any local fabric store or by shopping online. You need to make sure that you have the right pattern, design and thickness to get the best quality headboard. Mounting up faux fur headboards is one of the best homemade headboard ideas you can choose.

Headboard Ideas For The Do It Yourself Enthusiasts

There is a type of headboard you can use for two different purposes. These are known as nightstand or bookshelf headboards. You must measure the width of the bed. You need to find the right size of bookshelf that has the same dimension as the bed. Personalize it by painting your bookshelf with a color that matches the theme or style of the bedroom. Install the bookshelf against the wall and push your bed against it. This will be a good place where you can put your favorite books, picture frames, alarm clock and even lampshades. This kind of headboard is mostly mounted in children’s room. The shelf acts as ideal storage for your bedtime story books and toys. Choosing this kind of headboard is a great option you can add to accentuate a room.

Knowing these homemade headboard ideas can help you exercise your creativity. These are great ideas that provide additional charm and enhancement to your bedroom. Just don’t forget to add items that match your bedroom’s overall theme. Keeping all of these fun facts and helpful information in mind can guide you to personalizing your bed. The Headboard Boutique is dedicated to keep providing more headboard ideas by keeping the creative juices flowing. We all know that the prices for designer furniture continues to rise and it’s our goal to help you avoid these costs by supplying you with ideas that meet your expectations and help provide an outline of actually reaching your goal of owning your own custom headboard.