Headboards for Beds

Finding headboards for beds that are just the right style and build is an essential task when planning your bedroom decor. The headboard is a quintessential fixture which really is the heart of your sleeping chambers. When it comes to picking the right headboard there are a number of factors you will need to consider to insure that your headboard is functional, affordable, and goes well with your overall interior design scheme. There is no shortage in the varieties of headboards for beds from both online and traditional retailers, with so much to choose from you need to make sure you’re well informed when you decide to pick one up for your bedroom.

While you will definitely want a headboard that looks amazing, the actual function should be the top priority. After all, your bed is a place of rest and comfort so your headboard should reinforce this and not hinder it. If you’re the type that loves to read in bed but are not too big on pillows, a tufted headboard with plush padding may be exactly what you need. On the other hand, if you’re more concerned with sheer durability a solid wood or metal headboard may be more practical as they tend to a have a longer active usage life. Headboards for beds of children or young couples will likely experience a lot more wear and tear than that of their grandparents so buy accordingly. While style and color are often high on the list for most shoppers, make sure that you find a headboard that you will love in the middle of the night and then sort between the styles available for that type of headboard.

Many Headboards for Beds Add Function & Style

Some headboards serve as much more than a backdrop to your mattress, headboards for beds with integrated storage systems are ideal for making extra room in small spaces. You will find many storage headboards that can actually replace a standard dresser depending on the model and size. Storage headboards usually come as a headboard and bed frame package with a number of draws on both sides of the bed or underneath it. While these are usually only found in complete bed packages there are some very nice stand alone storage headboards if you know where to shop. Though you may not find a huge variance of style in these types of bed headboards, if you’re looking for a classic Victorian or simple modern look in wood then there are a wide range of storage headboards on the market that will suit your needs. A good alternative to the storage headboard is the bookcase headboard which offers some of the same functionality and is often available as a standalone headboard.

Price & Value Considerations When Selecting Headboards for Beds

If price and durability are at the top of your list then you will find headboards for beds with iron or metal frames can be quite affordable and stylish. The metal headboard is a classic fixture used judiciously in both traditional and modern bedroom design schemes. These headboards are made from various metals; among the most popular are the wrought iron headboard, the brass headboard, and the more affordable aluminum headboard. When it comes to colors and finishes you will find that headboards for beds that are made of metal will either sport a raw natural metallic finish or they may be painted with a glossy or matte coating. Painted metal headboards are very common for children’s bunk beds because of the vast array of vibrant inviting colors that are possible and the durability they provide.

When shopping for a new headboard you will undoubtedly find that headboards for beds made of wood offer some of the most compelling options. Wooden headboards come in truly unique natural textures such as oak, pine, bamboo, and more. Raw or clear coated wooden headboards give your room’s interior design theme a very calm, natural, and welcoming feel that goes quite well with a range of design motifs such as rustic cabin decor and classic ranch schemes. As is the case with metal headboards, wooden headboards a very versatile when painted and can quickly shift gears from antique to modern.

The above mentioned headboards are just a sampling of the types of headboards that are available for you bed. Headboards are much more than a functional piece and with such great design power you will find manufactures coming up with more creative headboard designs in years to come. Headboards for beds in every size from twin all the way up to California king make a plethora of stylish possibilities a reality for your bedroom, make sure you check out the wide selection available at our online headboard shop to make sure you get a great deal on the headboard of your dreams.