Button Tufted Headboard

The button tufted headboard is one of the most popular varieties of upholstered headboards. The style of headboard features buttons that are pushed into the front of the headboard and firmly placed on the backboard. This kind of headboard consists of heavily padded materials that can support the back and the head of a headboard. You can enjoy lots of benefits when you use a button tufted headboard for your bed. The button tufted on the headboard adds style and elegance. As it is supported by a soft padded material, this headboard gives you comfort. Overall, this type of headboard provides versatility to your bedroom.

If you want to make your headboard look fashionable and updated, just change the fabric of its upholstery. You can also add more stuffing to make it more padded. It is necessary that you select a headboard frame and type that can match the decor of your home. Selecting a good design that provides both beauty and comfort is what you must keep in mind when you purchase a headboard.

Button Tufted Headboard Ideas

The button tufted headboard is the quintessential modern upholstered headboard. Many designs of this headboard consist of clean lines and makes use of modern fabrics (sometimes leather) to make it look more modern. These modern looking headboards have bamboo wood or metal used as frames. Bamboo wood varieties are commonly used for modern decoration, especially if you are aiming for an Asian themed bedroom. You can also prefer metal frames. Generally, modern headboards are made from solid fabrics. It is up to you to determine what kind of fabrics and frames to choose from. Choosing the best headboard that suits your need, budget and style is what you must prioritize. But it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task as we aim to provide a lot of design tips so that you can make the best decision. After all, we are the Headboard Boutique and it is our goal to be the authority on headboards.

Oriental fabrics are used to upholster some types of headboards. This type of material is commonly used by Chinese people. Manufacturers use silk for making headboards. They also design the entire board through hand painting. Oriental headboards can be framed with wood that looks like bamboo. These are commonly painted with a bright and shiny color to provide illumination to any kind of room. Though, this style of headboard isn’t for everyone, you should do yourself a favor and have a closer look the next time you visit a local furniture store.

Button Tufted Headboard Shopping Tips

Using a button tufted headboard is a great choice. This is commonly favored by many homeowners because of the comfort it provides to its users. This style of headboard has more padding which can add relaxation. You need to find the right color that matches the shade of your entire bedroom. This will make your room look more enticing and beautiful. The additional comfort and care this headboard can offer is a good factor to consider when buying headboards for your bed. Having a button headboard with solid padding can give you a cozy experience during bedtime.

If you live in a larger city then chances are you will find some specialty shops that manufacture custom headboards and you can inquire about obtaining your own uniquely designed button tufted headboard. Sometimes it’s much cheaper finding a local company than it is buying a headboard at a department store. The furniture stores are good at displaying several design models and this should give you plenty of ideas to create your own one of a kind button tufted headboard.