Brass Headboards

Elegance, class, and tradition are just a few words that come to mind when you mention brass headboards. One of the oldest and most common styles of metal headboards, brass headboards are sought after because of their unique golden glow, durability, and exquisite craftsmanship. They are often depicted in dream sequences and “heavenly” imagery as the quintessential headboard of luxury.

Brass headboards are great for achieving a classic look and are available in a wide variety of vintage motifs and castings. The typical brass headboards have two large vertical posts topped with a large brass ball, any number of perpendicular or parallel supporting rods, and often feature sporting rods curved and twisted into intricate patterns.

Brass Headboards Distinguished Characteristics

Unlike iron and other metal headboards, brass headboards carry a distinct yellowish glow that give them a very unique appeal. In terms of durability, these bed headboards are just as long lasting as any other metal headboard. One area of concern with headboards made of brass that should be noted is the finish, be sure that the headboard you purchase has a tarnish resistant coat to avoid corrosion. Brass headboards are available in every size, though they are typically reserved for queen size, kind size, and cal king size beds. Though they are more difficult to find in smaller sizes, they are available for kid beds as well and make a lovely accent piece to any whimsically themed bedroom. Some headboards can be hung on the bed, while others can be wall mounted through proper fixings. Purchasing the right size of headboards can ensure a proper fit.

Consider These Options While Shopping For Brass Headboards

If finding one of the best kinds of headboard is your ultimate goal, then brass headboards is one of the most ideal choices to make. Just like in fashion, bedroom designs can change as time passes by. This means headboards can be trendy too. A traditional look can be altered to make it more modern. Most headboards are manufactured from simple to contemporary designs. These should provide you with the comfort you need everytime you lie down and rest. Furthermore, a headboard can also add to the room d├ęcor and it can showcase a more beautiful and appealing bedroom.

Most department stores and all of the furniture boutiques carry brass headboards and should offer a wide selection for your viewing pleasure. The prices can fluctuate so it’s a good idea to be patient and shop around. In fact with this purchase it might be a good idea to select some of the larger holiday shopping seasons as the time to select your perfect headboard design. Nickel plating has become a popular style and is one of my favorites at the moment. Though, you may have trouble finding these as they are scarce due to their high popularity at the moment. This style defines elegance and you’ll be amazed how well it matches most wall colors. In fact I encourage you to experiment with color tabs to find a match that is out of this world. You’ll be surprised how something as simple as a new brass headboard and a fresh coat of paint on the wall can turn your bedroom from ordinary into extraordinary with little effort on your part. Another benefit is that you can experiment from time to time with color choices because we all know that painting a wall is one of the least expensive remodeling jobs there are. And anyone is capable of doing this so get out there and shop around until you find the absolute perfect style of brass headboards for your bedroom and start living like a queen (or king for that matter).