Bamboo Headboard

A bamboo headboard is an excellent choice for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Headboards constructed from bamboo are among the finest wood headboards and come in a wide range of styles and designs. The choices range from simple purpose-built to lavishly decorative pieces.

Like any other headboard construction material such as like leather, metal, or wicker, bamboo headboards come in many different colors. They are available from antique versions to contemporary designs. Headboards of this type also offer many advantages and benefits which you will surely enjoy.

Bamboo Headboard Benefits

Here are the advantages of utilizing bamboo headboards:

1. Finish and Color
This is one of the highlights of a bamboo headboard. Any people don’t know this but when bamboo is carved, they become more pleasing to the eye. The surface color of bamboo can create a different yet interesting ambiance for your bedroom. It also offers natural effects which can bring a peaceful and diplomatic ambiance.

2. Environmentally Friendly
Generally speaking, the world is still overwhelmed with serious environmental issues. With the use of bamboo headboards, you can actually do your share in saving the environment. Since bamboo is all natural, it cannot harm the environment. There are also no chemicals involved with its manufacture.

3. Durability
Durability is another reason why people prefer to use headboards made of bamboo. As a matter of fact, experts in interior decorating recommend this kind of headboard. It can fit whatever theme you have in mind for your bedroom. Whether it’s classical to modern themes, bamboo headboards can definitely blend with the décor.

4. Allergy Free
Bamboo is considered to be allergy free because they are not reactant to liquids like water. With this characteristic, they do not rot easily. They can be used for a long period of time.

Things To Remember About A Bamboo Headboard

Aside from the advantages, bamboo headboards also come with certain drawbacks. Listed below are the disadvantages of using bamboo headboard.

1. Easily defaced
Bamboo is known for being durable and reliable but like the other materials they are prone to dents and scratches. When bamboo is forced they can get dented very easily. This is also not ideal for those who have pets. Bamboos can be scratched easily from animal claws.

2. Prone to fading
Bamboo headboards have a tendency to fade when they are exposed to Ultra Violet light for a long period of time.
So as much as possible, keep them away from UV light.

3. Moisture
Wood materials like bamboo are at risk when exposed to severe moisture. Even if they are water resistant, it is still advisable to keep them away from moisture.

If you plan on getting a bamboo headboard for your bedroom, considering these advantages as well as disadvantages can be very useful in insuring that you make the right purchase that suits you and bedroom’s needs.